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Just Because You Can

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The role of the hotel concierge can be a challenging one. The concierge has to think on his feet. He must immediately earn each new guest’s trust, give people what they don’t always know they want and solve problems on the fly. Some people are better at this than others.  The good concierge knows the answers to questions that could be found in a couple of Google searches. But those well-worn answers are not the ones that transform a good experience into a great one.

A gifted concierge will offer answers to the questions that the guest hadn’t thought to ask. He will empathise, anticipate and delight—going out of his way to be creative and do work he’s proud of—just because he can.

It’s possible in every job to learn your lines, stick to the script and offer the required solution. Nobody will question your competence if you show up on time, put in the hours and don’t make mistakes. But the work that’s most appreciated and valued now isn’t simply the compliant or the competent—it’s the creative work you do, not because it’s required, but because you can.

Image by Jane and Phil

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

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It was hard not to get swept up by the Serena Williams, US Open final story this week. It was difficult to avoid joining the debate about how it could all have played out differently if only this had been said or that had been done.

That time spent thinking about what should have been done, meant we spent less time working on some of the important things we could have done. We took our eye off the ball for a second.
That’s what Serena did too.

Our progress in any arena depends on us taking the opportunity to fix the things we can control, instead of focusing on the one thing we can’t.

Image by Helsingborgs Dagblad

Ways To Win

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We, the keepers of our culture, keep score. We like to measure our progress. Come out on top.
Be first. We like to win.

In our attempt to find a way to do that, we have learned to measure and value things in ways that are often disproportionate to their benefit to us. How we keep score changes the games we play, the businesses we build and the societies we are part of.

How we play changes us.

Winning is never only about coming first.
We are how we win, not that we came first or who we beat.

Image by Luna

Another Time

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During a high-intensity workout, the trainer reminds the athlete to treat every set as if it were the last. To train as if this was the only sixty seconds, he would cycle that day. In that moment, with that mindset he increases his effort, his performance intensifies and that changes his results.

We often presume we will have time to do something over. That there will be another time to do our best work. Next time we’ll make more effort or do it better. What’s stopping us from doing it the best way we know how this time? If it’s worth doing why not act as if there won’t be another time?

It turns out that our results are determined by the little things we chose not to do each and every time, more than by the big thing we once did.

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To Do Or Not To Do

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We wake every day with solid ideas and imperfect plans.
And yet every day we stall.
We blame time.
We await readiness or motivation, or both.
We rationalise about tomorrow being better.
We make assumptions about what it takes to be good enough.
We allow doubt and uncertainty to take hold.
We wait. Forgetting that every unrealised opportunity hinged on the thing we decided not to do.
We must commit to acting when we can, while we can, because we can.

Image by Jon Nicholls

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Get the free 20 Questions to ask before launching your Idea Workbook when you sign up for updates.

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