Story Skills

Make Your Stories Work For You

Stories are the most effective way to influence or persuade people. We have good scientific evidence to prove it. According to neuroeconomist, Professor Paul Zak, ‘Narratives that cause us to pay attention and also involve us emotionally are the stories that move us to action.’ It’s our very makeup, our physiology, that makes us respond to and be persuaded by stories. This physiological connection between head and heart is the reason stories work. Stories influence how we think, feel and act. That’s why the world’s leading brands put stories to work in their marketing and sales. Whatever you sell or whatever idea you want to get off the ground, stories can work for you.
When Apple launched the iPod, they told us a story about ‘1000 songs in our pocket’. Nike built one of the most valuable brands in the world using storytelling skills to create strong ties with millions of customers, who became raving fans. And Starbucks’ vision of being ‘the third place’ became the story that launched a global coffee movement in 24,000 locations.
Every day hopeful founders and creators around the globe use stories to pitch their ideas to investors or launch their products on Kickstarter. Wherever you see a successful product, business or brand, look for the powerful story behind it.
Story skills are the most undervalued and underutilised asset in any organisation. Whether you’re a soloist creator or you’re leading a team in a Fortune 500 company, the stories you empower your people to share with colleagues and customers can be the difference between building a good company and a great one.
It’s ironic that we can spend years creating game-changing products and services and amassing expertise, and yet, we stop developing the skills that enable us to share the value of our ideas and our impact with the world. I want to help you change that and teach you to do what the best communicators and organisations do.
Nobody is better positioned to tell your company’s story than those who build and lead it—the people who live and breathe that story every day. Nobody knows the potential of your idea better than you do. Armed with great story skills, you can build a better company and become a more successful marketer, salesperson and leader. You just need the tools to help you to gather, develop and deliver them.

Story Skills Training

StorySkills training can be delivered in person or remotely via webinar.
What You’ll Learn

StorySkills training doesn’t teach you storytelling skills that equip you to talk so that people will listen—it also equips you to listen so you can understand what people want to hear. The most successful storytellers know what story to tell, when, where and why, StorySkills training enables you to master these skills too.
In the StorySkills workshops we cover:

  • Story Finding
  • Storycraft
  • Story Principles
  • Storytelling
  • Story Strategy

StorySkills Training Helps You to Become A Better:

    • Marketer
    • Salesperson
    • Experience Designer
    • Coach
    • Leader
    • Innovator
    • Presenter


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