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Get the Free 20 questions to Ask Before Launching Your Idea workbook when you sign up for updates.


You already have an inherent advantage, the story only you can tell.

You can’t change a mind without winning a heart. Humans have known this instinctively for millennia. That’s why we’ve relied on stories to help us. Stories are our most powerful and persuasive technology. In a noisy world, our best hope of creating the change we want to see is to tell a better story.

Often what’s stopping us from succeeding isn’t the value of our ideas—it’s our inability to communicate that value meaningfully. The first step to creating the impact we want is to earn the trust of the people we hope to serve. We do that through the practice of storytelling.

You can’t create the right change
with the wrong story

I’m Bernadette Jiwa. I help people to be their most influential and inspiring selves. I’ve worked with thousands of people, helping them to find and craft their stories and develop the story skills. Some have built successful careers and organisations, others have created collaborative communities and meaningful change as a result.


Who are you? And who do you want to be, to whom?
Whether you want to spread an idea, earn trust or grow your organisation. I can help you to be your most influential and inspiring self.

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I am a leading storytelling advisor and story skills trainer, the author of eight
#1 Amazon Bestsellers
and keynote speaker. I was named by Smart Company as a Top Business Thinker 2018.
My award-winning blog is read by leaders in organisations like Disney, Unicef, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, United Nations, Red Cross, Microsoft, Google, Barclays, Lululemon, Clarins, Dyson, Hilton, TED, FedEx, LEGO, Nike, Amazon, Stanford, Hallmark, Worldvision, McKinsey, Uber, Sony, Ford, Salesforce, Twitter, Mini, Oracle, Siemens, Morgan Stanley, Sky, General Mills, IBM and Bupa.
Smart Company named it one of Australia’s 20 Best Blogs in 2014.
It topped the list in 2016. Seth Godin listed it as one of the blogs he reads.
I spoke about the secret to spreading ideas at TEDx.

I am one of the Top 100 Branding Experts To Follow On Twitter.
I advise, consult with and speak to entrepreneurs, leaders and communities around the world, helping them to harness their stories to build trust and connection, so they can create the future they want to see.
I’ve created brand names, strategic narratives and stories that helped to launch and evolve bold ideas—from football boots to a medical journal, businesses to blogs, books to Kickstarter projects, non-profits and more.
I grew up in Dublin, the storytelling capital of the world. Now I live in the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne Australia, with a cafe on every corner, surrounded by storytelling inspiration at every turn.



“I was fortunate to recently work with Bernadette on a storytelling project. Her blog posts resonated with me greatly and I hoped she could help my team with storytelling tools and techniques. What I received was far more. Not only did I get useful tools to help tell stories throughout our process; but her philosophy helped me see the larger impact I could have within my company. Bernadette took the marketing and business “speak” we so often used and transformed it into my department’s raison d’être. She helped open my eyes to the habitual thinking that was dragging us into the same feedback loop, and understand why we had difficulty finding new solutions. Her teachings, instruction and leadership helped me to see with new eyes….to put my feet in the consumer’s shoes, and finally to create impact through storytelling. Lastly, Bernadette is a joy to work with – passionate, fun, and relatable.”

Antonio Zea, Director of Innovation Adidas

“Storytelling is now central to a marketer’s success; the best brands make you believe. And Bernadette is one of today’s master teachers in effective brand storytelling and the importance of making a difference. She reminds us, convincingly, that it’s about connection with the people we serve.”

Chris Bruzzo, Chief Marketing Officer, Electronic Arts

“We weren’t exactly sure what our brand needed, but we knew that we were missing something. So we started working with Bernadette, in hopes of learning how to brand ourselves better. By the end of our consultations, we had created a 60-second, crystal-clear elevator pitch, crafted a written manifesto, and boosted our confidence in our message. Bernadette gave us the perspective and insight we needed to tell our story — and be the best version of our brand we believe to be possible.”

Shannon Whitehead & Kristen Glenn, Founders of {r}evolution apparel

“It was wonderful to have Bernadette on our side at the early stages of our rebranding process. As a coaching company, we know the value of getting an outside perspective and she gave us just that – asking the right questions, testing our assumptions, and helping us move forward in a way we couldn’t have on our own.”

Jonathan Raymond, EMyth, VP Marketing

“With her brand expertise, her uncanny creativity and her special ability to succinctly articulate a brand’s value for customers, Bernadette Jiwa was a strategic partner with us to develop the HID brand story. As a result, Bernadette’s work led to international recognition from Insights Success Magazine for HID as one of the most valuable brands of 2017. Working with Bernadette was an amazing experience of cutting through the clutter, going to the core essence of our brand and coming out of the creative process with a renewed sense about the brand’s strength to differentiate HID in the marketplace as a leader that powers the trusted identities of the world’s people, places and things.”

Anthony Petrucci, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, HID Global