You can’t change a mind
without winning a heart.

For decades, traditional marketing taught us that we win by throwing money at our marketing problem to buy more 'awareness'. This tactic doesn't work in a digital age where savvy customers have unlimited choices. What you need is a new way to differentiate from your competitors and a strategy for understanding your customers. Your success depends on your ability to create products, services your customers want. This course will show you how.

Your About Page has the potential to move a visitor from awareness of your brand to becoming convinced of the value you create for them. The goal is to make potential customers feel glad they have finally found you. You'll differentiate yourself from your competitors, while persuading new customers that you are the business they’ve been looking for to solve their problem. This guide takes you through the process of writing an About Page that will grow your business.

“The Story Strategy Course truly changed my perspective. There is a lot of talk about consumer centric thinking but this course gives you a profound understanding of why it matters, and easy-to-use tools to implement it. The course allowed me to rework our marketing plans and challenge inside out thinking in our teams. It truly gives you a competitive advantage, allowing you to create brand plans that win hearts and minds. I can only highly recommended it.”

Franz Drack
Brand Director, LEGO Germany

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