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The Story Of Successful Ideas

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Every product or service that becomes the backbone of a thriving business succeeds because it enables someone to do something they want to do, but can’t do.

Before Keep Cup, millions more disposable coffee cups ended up in landfill.

Before Stripe, it was more difficult for people and businesses to receive payments over the internet.

Before Zumba, exercising was less fun.

Before Shopify, launching an online store was costly and complicated.

Before Blue Apron, putting a home-cooked meal on the table was more time-consuming.

Before Amazon, shopping online was less convenient.

Your product should bridge the gap between your customer’s imperfect present and her imagined future. And your marketing must tell the story of how her life will be changed in the presence of your product. Who is your customer before she encounters your product, and who is she after?

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Good Is The New Average

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Meeting expectations was once enough to mark a business out. If every meal was served piping hot, served in a timely fashion, with a smile—the restaurant owner won. Now, efficiency is expected. It’s the minimum requirement for operating any business.

Good is the new average. Only the exceptional will survive and thrive.
Your goal isn’t just to satisfy customers. It’s to give them a story to tell. What is that story?

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Is The Consumer The Customer?

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When the Old Spice ‘Smell Like a Man’ advertising campaign launched eight years ago, it called out an often unspoken truth about sales and marketing. The consumer and the user are not necessarily one and the same. This insight inevitably alters how you tell the story of the products you sell and the change you’re trying to create.

We don’t only buy things that are useful. We often buy things because of the story they enable us to tell ourselves about the kind of pet owner, parent or partner we are.

Successful brand stories speak to the heart and the head of the decision-maker, who may not be the person (or animal) whose needs the product was designed to satisfy.

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The Disciplined Marketer

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It’s 6.30 am at the hotel gym, and the guests who are keen to get a workout in before breakfast are lining up. The receptionist is taking their room numbers before admitting them. As they turn to walk away, gym towel and bottle of water in hand, she asks if they’d like to book in for a $250 massage later that day.

There’s nothing wrong in theory with trying to upsell to existing customers. But the chances of converting someone from a free to a premium service in a single leap are slim. We have to take a more unselfish and disciplined approach.

Awareness is nothing more than an opportunity to earn trust.
Permission is a scalable asset, but only when we nurture and value it.

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Show Your Story

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In the early 1960s, a Brooklyn tax clerk, named Jean Nidetch discovered a powerful and underutilised marketing technique. When Jean, who had been overweight for years, lost thirty kilos her friends asked her how she’d done it. She began sharing her diet secrets with half a dozen friends in her apartment. Jean’s diet club soon outgrew the apartment. The before and after transformations of successful members were all the marketing that was required to convince people to join. It was from these humble beginnings that Weight Watchers was born.

The before and after photo has been used to market diet and beauty products for decades. And even though transformation stories would work in the marketing of services, we don’t use them often.

There is no better way to tell your story than to show people who they will become in the presence of your product. What was your customer’s life like before he used your product or service?
What’s his new reality?
That’s your story.

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