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Get the Free 20 questions to Ask Before Launching Your Idea workbook when you sign up for occasional updates.

Get the Free 20 questions to Ask Before Launching Your Idea workbook when you sign up for occasional updates.

How Will You Get To Where You Want To Go?

There are always things we know we’d like to change or improve about our businesses.
Often we’re just not sure what’s missing, how to begin or even where to start.

To make change happen you need to have the vision to know where you’re going, the skills and resources that enable you to get there and a plan to drive it forward.

The difference between the people who seek change and the people who make it happen is they understand where they want to go and why, and they have a strategy for getting there.
They also rarely do it alone.

This is the work I help business leaders from startups to Fortune 500s do with one-on-one consulting. Readers have been asking me to find a way to help them too, by bridging the gap between the lessons in my books and the positive impact one-on-one consulting creates for companies and entrepreneurs alike—today I’d like to share that way with you.

The Story Strategy Course could be the kickstart you and your business need. It’s a step-by-step program that enables you to dig deeper than you have probably ever done before on the road to building and the business you want.

During the course you will discover how to differentiate and market your business by telling your story in a way that powerfully resonates with your customers. You will learn the secret of every beloved brand—how to create products and services your customers love. When you do that you don’t have to spend so much time trying to make people love those things.

You will be guided through the new Story Strategy Blueprint over the course of four weeks. You will also get access to brand new practical exercises, PDFs, and hours of original audio interviews that I’ve conducted with thought leaders and entrepreneurs from Seth Godin and Antonio Zea, Global Director of Football at Under Armour, to my friend Mark, who started a bakery in his back yard. There will be two group webinars with me, and a dedicated peer-to-peer network in Slack. You will also have the opportunity to ask me specific questions by email for the duration of the course.

If you want to build a meaningful business that becomes a beloved brand
The Story Strategy Course will show you how. Registrations are open now.

I am excited to have the chance to work with you, to help you differentiate your brand, build the business you want and to see your ideas fly.

Image by Mark Notari.