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Value Is A Story We Want To Believe

filed in Brand Story, Brand Strategy, Marketing

If you’ve ever doubted that we are, as Jill Bolte Taylor says, “feeling creatures who think” just stop in the salt section of your local supermarket. Salt is as close to free as any product can get. You can buy a kilo for a dollar, or a Pink Himalayan variety for sixty times that price.

It’s pretty hard to prove that one salt is worth that much more than another in fact. What adds the value is our belief in the story, because we buy with our hearts and justify our decisions with our heads.

The brands that succeed wildly don’t just give people a reason to choose, they give people reasons to believe and to belong. And they work hardest of all to give people more ways to matter.
If it works for salt, then it can work for you.

Image by Egui.

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