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Pick One Thing

filed in Brand Strategy, Marketing

When you think of Apple you immediately think about great design. You are reminded that Apple chooses to lead with design even in the moments between the moments that matter to you as a customer. It’s hard not to be in awe of a company that cares so much about your experience that they make the packaging feel like a gift.

Patagonia leads with transparency. It’s not always easy to tell your customers the truth, but once you make that decision every subsequent decision becomes easier.

Zappos chooses to lead with service. This choice underpins everything they do, from who they hire to how they treat their staff and customers.

Peter and Anca lead with love. They don’t make the most candles and they hug their customers every day.

The secret of all great companies (big and small) is that they choose. They understand how they create value and they do it on purpose, with intention.

What are you choosing to lead with?

Image by Amanda Tipton.

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