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Get the Free 20 questions to Ask Before Launching Your Idea workbook when you sign up for occasional updates.

How Does Your Marketing Really Make People Feel?

Imagine it’s a busy Thursday morning and you’re replying to the emails that came in overnight from people you were eager to hear from, when out of nowhere an unsolicited sales email interrupts your flow. Of course it’s just one email, it only takes a second to delete it, so where’s the harm in a business owner casting her net as wide as possible? After all someone might bite.

The problem we’re faced with as business owners and marketers is that just one email from lots of people trying to cut through the clutter creates more clutter. And people, (the ones you are hoping will become your customers) who are on the receiving end are jaded by it all. Here’s the email that landed in my inbox. How would it make you feel?


Good Morning.
[You don’t know me, so who gave you permission to interrupt my day?]

In August we launched our 27th Annual edition of XYZ Magazine.
[Why should I care?]

XYZ magazine is a high quality “coffee Table” styled magazine, which is kept for many years.
[How does this help me?].

The 2014/15 issue is on Sale for a year at newsagencies, we also sell it at the XYZ Exhibition and the following year we give the magazine out to Brides attending the Exhibition, (while stocks last).
[What are you trying to sell me?]

So, In essence you are receiving three years of exposure for the price of one.
[How do you know ‘exposure’ to your readers is my problem?]

We are running a SPECIAL OFFER until the 18th of December 2014!
[This is not my emergency.]

No payments are due until 2015 and we can offer payment packages.
[You still haven’t told me what you’re selling and why it matters to me.]

The XYZ Exhibition will be held on the 1st of March 2015 at the XYZ Hotel.
[Not sure why I need to know.]

If you would like further information on XYZ please either email me or call me on………

Have a lovely day.
[Do you mean that?]


Traditional advertising and PR’s obituary is constantly written and re-written, but we’re so scared of being invisible that we continue to use marketing tactics that do nothing to help grow our businesses. What’s worse than being invisible is alienating people.

The best marketing leads with the customer’s story. Every one of us has the opportunity to do that and to practice empathy, even if we don’t have the budget for a beautiful two minute film.
[Update: Apparently the link doesn’t work in the US. This is an unofficial version without the original soundtrack.]

Image by Cedric Lange.