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Conversion Vs. Connection

filed in Brand Story, Marketing

The sales assistant took the time to explain the candle manufacturing process, brand values and founding story to the customer who was looking for a special gift for a friend. The customer, who had been buying this brand for more than ten years left delighted, with a beautifully wrapped $42 candle. And yet the company has no idea who she is and no way of continuing the conversation with her. No way to ask for input on new products and no way to tell her about special offers. No way to understand what she might want next and no way to add more value to her life—which of course would ultimately impact their bottom line.

Our sales and marketing plans are mostly optimised to convert now. We don’t think about the next sale while we’re making this one as often as we could or should.

Converting an enquiry to a sale seems like a big win in the moment, however, it’s also an important opportunity to deepen our connection with customers. Embracing that privilege is one of the surest ways to grow a business.

What difference would it make to our businessess if we questioned how we could we deepen customer connection during every interaction?

Image by Massachusetts OTT

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