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Three True Stories

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To all of Arthur’s family,

We were so sorry that everything ended up so badly for you all last week.
It is so difficult when owners are prepared to do anything to cure their pet’s problem and it’s still not possible. Thank you for allowing us to try.
He was part of your lives for a short time but it’s amazing how quickly they become part of the family. You are sure to be missing him terribly, we can only hope that each day gets a little bit easier.

Damian, Paul, Joanna, Rob, Nicole, Jane, Jo, Kris, Amy and all at the vets.


To the Ryan family,

Just a short note to express our deepest sympathy over your loss of Wilbur. It takes a pretty amazing dog to make it to 19. I think his attitude and tenacity helped him to get there. We hope you have lots of happy memories of Wilbur, as part of your family he will be deeply missed.

Yours Sincerely
Kristen, Garry, Edgar and everyone at the vets.


One of my dear friends was diagnosed with cancer last week. She had a five biopsies taken on Friday and was sent home to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday. Her husband and three sons held their breath for four days.

Tuesday came and went. Nobody called. It’s okay that they didn’t have the results. It’s not okay that they didn’t care enough to make time to call and say, “No news yet. Are you okay? Hang in there.”

Each of us has the opportunity to touch someone every single day. To really see people. To add meaning. To care. I’m not sure we do it often enough.

You might not be able to change the outcome, but you can change how people feel in a heartbeat.

Image by B.

Seth Godin On What We Need To Do Now

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Seth and I got together yesterday and made this for you. He teaches me something every day and I know you’ll learn something from the insights he shares here.

Seth Godin : What we need to do now from Bernadette Jiwa on Vimeo.

“We’re living in a moment of time, the first moment of time when a billion people are connected, when your work is judged (more than ever before) based on what you do rather than who you are, and when credentials, access to capital, and raw power have been dwarfed by the question
“Do I care about what you do?”
We built this world for you. Not so you could watch more online videos, keep up on your feeds, and LOL with your high school friends. We built it so you could do what you’re capable of. Without apology and without excuse. Go.”

—From Seth’s latest book The Icarus Deception

Image by C.C. Chapman.

More Than Words

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The school public speaking competition was in full swing. One after another the young and accomplished speakers stepped up to the lectern. Their opinions, convincing arguments and confidence just blew us away.

The evening was drawing to a close and the audience began to fidget as the second last speaker took the stage. Before he said a word he got hold of both sides of the heavy wooden lectern and pointedly moved it to the side of the stage. He paused, then stepped forward to make eye contact with the audience.

Before he had even opened his mouth or his argument this kid was a winner.

It’s true what Annette Simmons says….whoever tells the best story does win. It’s important to remember though that your story is more than the most convincing argument you can make, or the eloquent words that you write.

Image By Tommi Komulainen.

What’s Your Sentence?

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Tomorrow you might consider making a list of resolutions. You might even set goals for the coming year. Before you do watch this short video from Daniel Pink and then go craft a sentence that will be your guidepost for everything you plan to do.

The best bit is that you get to choose.

If you’d like to share in the comments I’d love to read your sentence.

All my best to you for 2013!

Image by Jilarson.

The Glory Or Generosity?

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The performer exited stage left, applause ringing in his ears. Relief and joy flooded through him as he grabbed a sandwich outside the greenroom. The stagehand waiting in the wings congratulated him on giving a great performance. He didn’t stop or turn to face her as he stuffed the sandwich into his mouth whole.

“Boy, I didn’t realise how hungry I was.” he said, as he moved right on to receive the next compliment without acknowledging the last one, or the person who had given it.

When the spotlight is off you. When the applause dies. When the next promotion doesn’t come. When the big idea fails. When the next performance doesn’t go so well and even when it does.

When whatever will be is. What will matter then?

The glory or the generosity?

Wishing you lots of moments of generosity and love this holidays.

Image by Eva Ekeblad.

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