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Do Your Actions And Story Align?

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Have you ever seen the somber, suited doorman at Cartier chasing a thief, searching a customer’s bag or stopping a young woman from entering the store? Me neither.
If he’s not doing that then why is he there?

Does the sales assistant at MontBlanc really need to wear a white glove to remove the pen cap before he hands it to the shopper to try?

Should the yellow sale signs at the $2 discount store really be that bright?

Why don’t Starbucks coffees come in plain old small, medium and large, instead of Tall, Grande, Venti?

Is there really any need for the velvet rope customers line up behind to buy coffee pods at Nespresso?

What difference would it make if Apple renamed the ‘Genius’ a customer service technician?

There’s a reason a hand crafted leather bag can’t be shipped in cheap plastic packaging and a drink in the bar with the best view of Hong Kong can’t cost less than $20.

Everything, from the words you use in an automated email, to colour of your packaging is your brand story. Every detail needs to be consistent with the story you want your customers to hear and believe.

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Image by Garry Knight.

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