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Get the Free 20 questions to Ask Before Launching Your Idea workbook when you sign up for occasional updates.

5 Things Your Brand Name Must Do

Brand naming is tough. There are so many variables to consider and the finality of saying ‘that’s it’, feels like a huge decision. Your name is probably the first encounter a potential customer will have with your business. A brand name has to stand the test of time and wear a lot of hats.

5 Things your brand name must do

1. Make the right people curious to know more about your story.
A great brand name is your opening move, your chance to hold people for a second longer and then to keep the conversation going. Does it speak to the people you hope will become your customers? People have been so curious about how the Warby Parker name came to be that the name itself has become a story. It’s been more than just a label for their products, the company name is an asset to the business.

2. Tell people something about who you are and what you stand for.

People will attach meaning in an instant. Is your company imaginative, ambitious, caring or forward thinking?
What does Apple say that Microsoft doesn’t? Your name needs to connect with people. How does yours signal your intention for your business?

3. Be easy to say, share, spell and pass along.

Err….how do you pronounce that again?

4. Be legal.
You don’t want to build your brand only to find you’ve stepped on the intellectual property toes of another company. Check trademark records, business name registers and if in doubt get the help of a lawyer who will do the checks for you.

5. Have domain name and social media username availability.

The .com debate rages on. Startups find great workarounds with .co, .cc, .io, .is domain extensions and by adding prefixes like the words ‘meet’ and ‘get’. Check social media username availability at NameChk.
This tool saves my life daily when I’m developing brand names for clients.

There is one thing your brand name shouldn’t do and that’s prevent you from starting. I’ve seen it time and time again. People get stuck trying to find the perfect name, so stuck that this holds their project up for months—sometimes forever. An idea that’s out there making an impact in the world is better than perfection.

Image by Deiby.