Brand names that work and stick

I’ve watched many great ideas and potentially life-changing businesses stall for months and sometimes even years for want of a brand name. Don’t let that happen to your big idea. It’s unlikely that months spent sifting through the thesaurus will lead you to the perfect brand name. Maybe it’s time to kiss goodbye to those endless lists of tired names you’ve been brainstorming and polling your friends about for months.

Over the years I have earned a reputation for creating brand names that become the foundation for the stories brands want to tell. Below are just some of the brand names I’ve created for startups, companies, products, non-profits, books and apps 90% of the names I create are .com available or .org available for non-profits.

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Sharpe & Abel

My client wanted to communicate the strengths of her law firm in legal strategy needed a name that harked back to traditional roots with a modern twist.


A technology company that’s creating a new range of smart appliances for the home. They needed a name that could be used internationally and communicated the visionary nature of the brand.


After years running a successful lighting company in Melbourne, my client needed a name for the new smart lighting arm of their business. The name is a nod to both their product and their customers.


Following working together on brand story strategy, I was commissioned to create a new brand name that reflected the values and essence of this successful, client-focused financial advisory firm.

White Water

A 21st-century online learning platform that embraces multidisciplinary thinking to provide people with the knowledge and tools for a fulfilling life.


Following a successful career in change management, Joe was ready to launch his change management consultancy. He wanted a brand name that would garner trust, reflect his expertise and one that his business could grow into.


Recipe platform and smart kitchen appliance app.


Four years after contacting me to enquire about naming his accounting firm, Paul who is based in the UK was ready to go ahead and Partner Accountancy was born.


Real estate crowdfunding platform.


Meal kit delivery service.

Money For The Rest Of Us

My client needing a compelling book title and podcast name that would stand out both on Amazon and iTunes and so Money For The Rest Of Us was born. He has had emails from listeners saying they signed up for the podcast based on their attraction to the name alone.

The Journal of Health Design

A new online medical journal that needed a name which resonated both with industry experts and the medical community.


Couture digital fashion brand and store.

Haven Lane

Haven Lane is a relaunch of the brand formerly known as the Healthy Chair Company. The CEO approached me to create a new brand name that encompassed a whole new vision for her brand which designs, furnishes and styles homes for aged care.


A U.S. based non-profit foundation which supports children’s literacy.

Raine & Makin

Rusty and Luke have been creating designs for passionate people for many years. They are true rainmakers who needed a name for their newly launched business. It was my privilege to work with them.


An Australian financial planning and wealth creation company that does whatever it takes to get results for its clients.

Story Republic

Boutique film production company.

Food & Joy

Charlotte is nutritionist who is on a mission to help repair people’s relationship with food. She needed a name that reflected that mission.


evie is the world’s first smart kitchen appliance by CUSP, the digital appliance company which I also named.


Provides cleaning and maintenance services to the hospitality industry.

The Content Code

Bestselling content marketing book title.

Hungry Nuts

Matt had the vision to produce a quality nutritious nut mix at a fair price. He also wanted his company to give back to the hungry in the community. For every bag of nuts sold Hungry Nuts will donate $1 to fight hunger in New York.

Bide Magazine

A new quarterly publication focused bringing its readers quality writing about society, culture, politics, business, food, travel, reading and remembering. Bide needed a strong easy to remember name that reflected what the editor felt would be the essence of the brand. A magazine the reader becomes absorbed in, full of the kind of writing that stays with you.

Really Savvy

Sam Tyers, the founder of Really Savvy, was stuck with the problem of finding a name in the sustainability space that didn’t feel too ‘hippie’, and adopt overused ‘Eco’ and ‘green’ messaging. Her newly launched responsible tourism consultancy operates on the premise that being ‘green’ isn’t about compromise it’s about being smarter in business, respecting people, places and the planet, and offering customers memorable experiences.

Believe Your Ears

The British Paraorchestra is levelling the playing field of musical excellence for disabled musicians. They needed a brand story and tagline that conveyed their essence— that these artists should be defined by their abilities, not by their physical limitations.

Your Darling Blog

Accomplished designer and blogger Jo Klima was planning to launch a unique online blog design workshop and was stuck on the name that would reflect everything the course set out to support her clients to do. Your Darling Blog aligns with Jo’s design studio branding and speaks to her target audience. Obtaining the .com domain was also an important consideration.

Tomorrow Is…

Founders Janis, Deb, Sue and Julie got together around a big vision. They wanted to share the message of possibility and potential with women in the lifestyle design space.
They were thrilled with their new name.

One Twenty Eighty

This was such a fun naming project to work on, not least because Julia was the dream client who put total trust in the process. She was setting up a medical billing company, an administration service to support doctors. My background in the field meant that we had a clutch of great names to choose from. One Twenty Eighty just nudged in front because of its exclusivity online, layered meaning for medics and the way it just flows.

Work for Money, Design for Love

David Airey is a graphic designer and design author, who has built a reputation as a thought leader in the area of visual branding and working in design. His blogs reach more than 100,000 people worldwide, and his first book Logo Design Love is an Amazon bestseller. David was struggling for a compelling title for his latest book about working in the design industry. He not only needed a compelling original title but the domain needed to be .com available. I believe Work for Money, Design for Love delivers that.

Do Your Bit

Days of Change wanted to launch their social change location based, sustainability website and application with a sticky name that encompassed what creating change in communities is all about.
The lack of a name and available domain had stalled the project. They were thrilled with their new name and also to find that Do Your Bit was domain available and not being used in the sustainability space.

Be Enough

As part of a new website relaunch, the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (Australia) was looking for a name to re-brand the client education section of the website. I was commissioned to create a name that would resonate with those affected by eating disorders.

Design Truths

Reese Spykerman has built an international reputation for her design genius. She wanted a name for her latest venture, where she explores the fundamentals of design. I was delighted to be to create a name that summed up her vision for this project.

The Vinery

Brendan is an entrepreneur with a big vision for creating a new kind of wine tasting experience. He wanted a simple, upmarket and memorable brand name for his new project.


Brand name created for an SEO and marketing consultancy.

Live Loud®

Created and trademarked to brand a clothing line.
Corporate giants Samsung and Jagermeister subsequently went on to use this name to market their products.

Miles From Now

Name for white wine.
Creating names for wines and wine labels can be challenging, with so many great names out there vying for customer attention.
The name and the label often sway the customer.

Art Does Good

Melissa needed a sticky name for her Kickstarter project.
She was embarking on a thesis and tour around the subject of revitalising communities through the arts.


Brand name for a word based website app.

You Are The Mapmaker

Book title.

Hatch & Co

Innovation and idea generation consultancy.

Pencil Cravings

Brand name for a designer and illustrators website, portfolio and blog.

Jennifer Kay

Kim is a designer who wanted to brand her new venture.
She wanted a sophisticated name that would enable her business and avoid her being pigeonholed in one area.

Naked Water

The product name for a different kind of bottled water.


Brand strategy consultancy.

No Reels

No Reels was created for a digital film company.

Stacked Full

The evocative name for the best bookshop in the world.

Paper Feather

Brand name for a boutique paper and stationary supplier.

Australasian Medical Journal®

The brand name for the Australasian Medical Journal was created as a result of wanting to drive a bigger vision for an online medical journal.


Unsip was created for a non-profit iPhone app which encourages people to give up a coffee and donate the cost of it to charity.

Coolmelt Creative

Design and branding agency.


Product name for a relaxing drinks company.