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What Are Your Words Designed To Do?

filed in Brand Story, Marketing

How often have you read website or marketing copy that uses words we’d rarely use in conversation? The real estate agent’s copy describing homes as abodes or residences. The jargon in the consultant’s brochure. The officious tone of the notices in the dentist’s waiting room. We’re often left wondering if the purpose of the language is to confuse when it should be to connect.

Before you sit down to craft your marketing messages, it’s worth asking yourself what the words are designed to do. Are you inviting a customer to take action or hoping to persuade a doubtful audience? Are you galvanising your team around a shared goal or getting to know your customers better?

7 Questions To Guide Effective Content Creation

1. What does the audience already know?
2. What does the audience need to know and why?
3. What do you want the audience to do next?
4. What specific language, tone and calls to action do you need to use?
5. Is the copy relevant, clear and credible?
6. What’s the best medium to use in order to reach this audience?
7. How will you measure the effectiveness of your messages?

Clever copy shouldn’t simply make the writer appear smart; it should make the reader feel understood. Words are free, and they are the most potent resource every one of us has access to.

Image by Eka Shoniya.

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