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The Three Marketing Superpowers—Judgement, Empathy And Timing

filed in Brand Story, Brand Strategy, Marketing

Just two days before Christmas while every other retailer was happily dealing with long lines, the outdoor clothing and travel equipment store was empty. Not a customer in sight. They should have been doing a brisk trade in torches, camping accessories and stocking fillers, yet the assistants had plenty of time to finesse the ‘Boxing Day Sale’ window display. Large red signs announcing that in just three days things might be cheaper filled every window, reminding passers-by about buyer’s remorse right when they were in the mindset to make a purchase.

This error in judgement, empathy and timing led to a slew of operational decisions, the impact of which couldn’t be undone. The ability to stand in the customer’s shoes and to see the world as they do is the most underrated marketing tool we have.

Image by Gerard Stolk.

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