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Why We Advertise

filed in Brand Strategy, Marketing

Ad spending is set to increase this year. And yet, some of the smartest and fastest growing companies on the planet elect to grow their businesses through word of mouth, by delighting their customers. So, why do we still buy banner ads? Is it because……?

1. Our products and services don’t create difference for our customers.

2. We don’t spend enough time working out how to fulfil that tiny gap in human desire.

3. We want to raise awareness and stay top of mind.

4. We have the budget.

5. We think it’s easier than working out how to give people something to talk about.

6. Our competitors do it.

7. We’ve made something for everyone.

8. We confuse awareness with impact.

9. We’re afraid.

10. Or worst of all, we believe advertising is a shortcut to mattering to customers.

What if instead of spending all that time and money working out how to tell customers who we are, we spent more time and money being who they want us to be?

Image by Justin Brown.

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