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What’s Your Big Idea?

filed in Brand Story, Brand Strategy

Every great brand leads with one big idea. The big idea is what the brand stands for—it’s core belief. Articulating the big idea is harder than you think, living it every day is even harder than that.
The brands that do have a much easier time differentiating themselves from the competition. Here are a few examples.

Starbucks—The local cafe should be a ‘third place’ between home and work.

Marie Kondo—Tidying up has the power to transform your life.

Warby Parker—Prescription eyewear should be stylish and affordable (under $100).

Go-To—Skin care should be free of confusion, cruelty and faux-science.

Lune—A great croissant is created with attention to detail at every stage in the making process.

Patagonia—Business must inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis and do no harm.

School of Life—Emotional Intelligence is a life skill that everyone needs help to develop.

Banksy—Art belongs to the people.

What’s your big idea?

Image by carnagenyc

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