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Why We Need To Think About Value Before Ideas

filed in Brand Story, Brand Strategy, Marketing

The cafe was tiny and packed.

“What’s your revenue plan?” guy one asked.

“To get more eyeballs to my site and then bring in the advertisers.” replied guy two.

“Oh right.” said guy one, as he awkwardly looked away.

8 Questions to help you to focus on creating value

1. Who needs your product?
2. What problems, frustrations, shortcomings or desires do your product or service address?
3. Why exactly will people pay you?
4. Where will you get your first ten customers?
5. Why will they come back?
6. What’s the story they will tell their friends about their experience of your brand?
7. What other ways might you create value for them?
8. How many customers like this do you need to create a viable business?

It’s a lot smarter to make something people want, than it is to rely on tactics that will make them want something you made.

Image by Linh Nguyen.

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