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3 Things Your Product Story Must Do

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When we market our products to customers we often use a persuasive tone designed to convince. We describe by leading with features and benefits. We try hard to give customers reasons to choose, forgetting that most purchasing decisions are not rational, but emotional.

In short we forget why people buy.

Three things your product story should do

1. Affirm the customer’s worldview
What does she care about?
What’s the change she’s hoping for?
How will your product make her become more of who she wants to be?

2. Connect with and speak to her emotions—make her feel something
Why is she considering this product?
How does she feel before she experiences it?
How would she like to feel when she’s used the product?

3. Deliver the information you’ve anticipated she needs to confirm or rationalise her decision
What are the facts she needs to know and why?
What change can she expect after she has used the product?
Remember to show as well as tell.

Compelling products and services help us to be more of who we want to be.
The best product descriptions tell that story.

Ingredients lists, features and benefits are important, but delivering the facts without considering why your customer really buys from you means you’re selling your work and your brand story short.

Image by Brett Jordan.

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