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The Opportunity Cost Of Pursuing New Opportunities

filed in Brand Strategy, Success

Time. We can sell it. We can buy it. But we can’t get it back. And yet when it comes to resourcing opportunities, we sometimes believe we can have it all. All we need is to be disciplined about how we spend our time. When we choose to pursue a new project or goal we’re investing more than time—we’re also devoting energy to that new opportunity. And the energy required to do work we’re proud of is as finite as time.

Questions for you

If you decide to do this what are you deciding not to do?
How well can you keep doing this if you start that?
What additional resources will you need?
Which of these projects is getting you closer to your goals?

It’s not an opportunity if it isn’t helping you to get to where you want to go.

Image by Jason Tester

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