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Becoming The Obvious Choice

filed in Brand Strategy, Marketing

Today you will repeatedly engage in the process of persuasion. You will try to engage with someone in a way that convinces them to change their opinions, choices or actions—their mind or their behaviour. You will aim to persuade them that you or your product are the obvious choice.

We tend to think that persuasion is simply about laying out well-reasoned arguments that help the best or most obvious choice bubble to the surface. But ‘best’ is subjective and variable because it’s dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the moment when people are invited to change or choose.

The work of psychologists like Robert Cialdini into the science of persuasion demonstrates that it’s not just what we say that counts, it’s also how and when we say it that matters. A hotel can get more guests to reuse towels by subtly changing the script on the sign in the bathroom. A waiter can increase his tips by offering mints along with the bill.

Becoming the obvious choice isn’t only about clearly laying out benefits to the prospective customer.  It’s about understanding the context in which the decision is being made.

Eliciting a choice or change isn’t only or always about making it more obvious.

Image by bassnroll

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