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Navigating Opportunity

filed in Brand Strategy, Success

Have you noticed how different the world feels when you set out on a familiar journey but leave five minutes earlier? You experience things you’d ordinarily miss. You become aware of the subtle change in the light or weight of the clouds. The traffic moves easily through green lights, and the birdsong is louder. You see the tall guy in a blue suit walking his Alsatian before heading to work. Pass the homeless people who haven’t yet tidied themselves away. Cross paths with delivery men arriving at closed cafes, laden with fresh vegetables or warm croissants. People seem unhurried. Their cadence altered by the change in the city’s rhythm.

You’re in the same place, walking the same route and yet the terrain seems entirely new.

It’s possible to view opportunity through a similar lens. When you think you’ve hit a wall on your journey, it may not be time to take an alternative path. Maybe you just need to find a different way to navigate it?

Image by Jes

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