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Marketing Constants

filed in Brand Strategy, Marketing

If you’re running a business, you’ll hear some version of the following every other day.

Things have changed.

And there’s no doubt that they have.
Things have changed since the Internet became ubiquitous, since Facebook launched, since newspaper advertising died, since the iPhone, Amazon.com, ad blockers and on and on.

But what hasn’t changed?

People. The people who buy things for the reasons they buy things. Because they’re scared or lonely. Because they want to be seen and understood. Because they need comfort or reassurance. Because they are sad or insecure. Because they want to be happy or make memories.

These people who you want to be your customers are your constant.

As we’ve wrestled with doubts about trends and marketing shifts, and worried about which tactics will work where and when. We’ve lost sight of the fact that we’re still dealing with people whose wants and needs and unspoken desires haven’t changed at all.

Image by Scooter Lowrimore.

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