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Get the Free 20 questions to Ask Before Launching Your Idea workbook when you sign up for updates.

How To Communicate Value Beyond Describing Features And Benefits

In an attempt to gain the trust of prospective customers we often resort to simply telling them about our product’s features and benefits. While describing value might seem like the easiest way to communicate it, the simplest strategy isn’t always the most compelling one.

When value is demonstrated rather than described it immediately becomes more relatable. Your customers need to know more than how the thing works—they want to understand how that functionality creates a change for them. Showing is more powerful than telling because it reflects the customer’s desire, problem or dilemma (alongside your potential solution) back to him. This is why success stories build trust in a way marketing copy never can.

10 Alternative Ways To Communicate Value

1. Show the number and calibre of customers you’ve worked with and impacted.
2. Use case studies to demonstrate the results you’ve helped customers to achieve.
3. Create product review, press and feedback pages on your website.
4. Publish customer testimonials and positive feedback from social media.
5. Share images and video of the product in use.
6. Encourage customers to share their photos, videos, and product reviews online.
7. Create pilot programs, free webinars or white papers to showcase your skills and expertise.
8. Show how customers use and enjoy your products or services.
9. Create content that answers customer’s questions.
10. Celebrate your audience.

Harley Davidson’s most powerful marketing isn’t the detail about engine size, speed or low-end torque that’s written in the brochure—it’s the stories riders tell about the feeling they get when they ride one. And often your most effective marketing may not even be done by you.

Image by Andy.

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