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Get the Free 20 questions to Ask Before Launching Your Idea workbook when you sign up for occasional updates.

10 Ways To Make People Fall In Love With Your Brand Without Having Donald Draper On The Payroll

In the 60s there was no distinction between advertising and marketing. Everything has changed.

1. Create something that’s not for everyone.
If you’re speaking to everyone you’re getting through to no one.
Sanuk, shoes that are not shoes. Dollar Shave Club, shave tech for the enlightened.

2. Make a better product.
Create things that look good, taste great and work well.
Josh uses just two ingredients in his handmade stoneground chocolate. The Sydney Opera House brings in a billion dollars a year to the Australian economy.

3. Give people a story to tell.
Vanessa and Mat install beehives on the rooftops businesses in Melbourne. The restaurants then get to use or sell their very own honey.

4. Cherish and reward the customers you’ve got. Love begets loyalty.
Jamie Oliver created a free pizza giveaway on Instagram by writing the details on a plate and posting the photo. The side effect was a positive brand building vibe amongst the people who couldn’t take advantage of the offer that day. No billboard required.

5. Change how people feel.
charity:water built transparency and trust into their non-profit business model with the 100% model and GPS showing donors where their money was making a difference. Apple made black earbuds passe.

6. Create valuable content people want to share and come back for.
Boots ‘n All gives indie travellers great information. The Iconic online store didn’t just advertise in magazines they launched their own. You don’t need to have that kind of budget though blogs and manifestos work well too.

7. Be smarter and targeted with your advertising spend.
Sponsor a community event. Run a competition that benefits customers. Perform random acts of kindness. One of our local cafes which backs onto the beach sponsored a surfing competition last weekend.

8. Frame your scarcity.
Limited editions. Small group offerings. Something that makes you least like the competition.
If I’m wearing a pair of Christian Loboutin red soled shoes the world knows.

9. Deliver value beyond the functionality of your products and services.
Snakes and Lattes doesn’t just sell coffee and cake. This board game cafe helps customers to connect. Alessi teapots and Smeg fridges are style statements not just functional products.

10. Give your customers a better experience.
If you give people a reason to come back they will.

You don’t need a billboard to reach out to people.

Image by Robert Wade.