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Who Is The Story For?

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Jane runs an upmarket souvenir shop in the heart of the city. It’s in the perfect spot, close to the four and five-star hotels, and full of tasteful gifts—reminders of good times had, and a little something that says ‘we were thinking of you’. In a digital world, her biggest problem is finding interesting gifts that will capture the imagination of 8-year-old boys.
It’s something she agonises over daily.

But here’s the thing, for the most part, the recipients of the gifts are not her customers. Her customers are the grandparents or aunties who want to be heroes when they return home. More than working out how to spark the imagination of the young boy, Jane needs to stand in the shoes of the gift giver—to understand grandma’s worldview.

And so it goes for us too. The end user isn’t always the person making the purchasing decision.
It’s just as important to pay attention to their needs as it is to sell a product that will be loved.

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Image by Hernán Piñera.

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