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The Thing About That List You’re Making

filed in Brand Story, Brand Strategy

Take a look at the Top 20 Book Lists of All Time on Amazon. This is what most people bought and reviewed—the books that succeeded wildly, beyond expectations. Could anyone have predicted that these would be the books that the majority embraced? Can anyone explain why?
Despite their outstanding success you probably haven’t read or even heard of some of them.

Now consider the books not listed, maybe they too got under someone’s skin, changed a life, sparked a great idea or launched a career.

As you set out on this brand new year you’re probably making a list of your own. You have things you want to plan for, milestones you want to reach, targets you want to hit and perhaps even a list or two you want to get on.

Remember that success is not what you read in a well-crafted bio, or see on a carefully curated Instagram feed and it may never be recognised with awards or witnessed on a list.

Success is a feeling, not a fact. You get to choose what it should feel like.

Image by Colin Knowles.

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