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The Long Way Round

filed in Brand Strategy, Marketing

In most situations if there’s a shortcut we’re tempted to take it. It’s human nature to conserve energy and take the most efficient route from point A to point B. This makes the business of selling hard, because we are naturally impatient to see signs of success and to avoid nagging doubts about the fear of failure.

When fear gets in the way and we become impatient for results we start to compromise. We hurry to interrupt and make people want things. We ignore the opportunity cost of gaining just one more sale and begin to do things that simply don’t sit well with us. Our marketing should always align with the values we hold true and be respectful of the people it is created for.

We have a choice, one that’s not often talked about in marketing circles, where growth hacking and fast market penetration are the tactics of the day. That choice involves giving ourselves permission and TIME to do things right and creating the buffer that enables us to take the long way round.

Image by Natalie Maynor.

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