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5 Ways To Be A More Resourceful Marketer

filed in Brand Strategy, Marketing

The problem with most marketing is that it not only feels inauthentic to the customer, it also relies on tired old tactics that do the opposite of what the marketer intended. It interrupts instead of inspiring, disconnects instead of delighting. We can do better.

How To Be A More Resourceful Marketer

1. Pretend you have a marketing budget of zero dollars.
What would you do today to reach five new customers who would be thrilled to hear from you?

2. Stop looking over your shoulder at what your competitors or colleagues are doing.

Think about why you want to grow your business. What is your intention? What are you on a mission to do? Write it down.

3. Empathise with your customer.

Don’t think of your customers as a homogenous group. Think about one person who needs your product or service. Write down six things about him that are completely unrelated to your product or service. What did you learn? How does this change your marketing strategy?

4. Create your own definition of ‘good marketing’.

What does great marketing look, sound and feel like? Can you think of some examples that made you want to connect more deeply with a business or brand? What did they do differently?

5. Think small—avoid speaking to the market of everyone.

What’s the least number of customers you need to attract to build a sustainable business?
Who are they? Where are they? Why will they be delighted to hear from you?

We don’t have to be bound by industry standards and cookie cutter marketing formulas.
We get to choose how we tell our story.

Image by Thomas Hawk.

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