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How All Marketing Should Be

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This is the story of two homes that are for sale.

“Elegantly renovated, exclusive address. This gracious residence set amid professionally landscaped gardens (approx 600sqm), close to schools and parks, offers formal sitting room, expansive living dining, flowing onto the verandah……”

You get the idea. Contrast that with this one.

“This has been our home for 30 years, and the only home our children have known. Over the years it has been extended and remodelled to suit our changing needs and we think it is now the ideal family home.

We especially love the feeling of space and light in the dining-kitchen-living area and the ability to extend this space into the garden……We have enjoyed many joyful meals with family and friends in the garden, sitting around a table on the large patio.

We are very sorry to leave our wonderful neighbours—the street has a strong sense of community, and we have enjoyed being part of the lives of numerous young (and older!) families nearby.

We are now “empty nesters” and have to recognise that our children, who are scattered around the globe are unlikely to settle in Melbourne or bring grandchildren back to the “family home”. So we are downsizing and returning to our inner city roots. We will maintain one guest room for the children to visit!”

Of course you get the punch line. This isn’t two homes, but the story of one home told it two different ways. The smart real estate agent who is marketing the property gets his owners to write a short love letter to a prospective buyer and her emotions spill over—making the marketing real, and genuine and true.

All marketing can be this way.
When we stop looking outside for the ‘angle’ and start reflecting deeply about what matters to the people who will experience both our products and our marketing.

I know which home I’d want to buy.

Image by Christian Dülpers.

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