The Easy Way Outby Bernadette Jiwa - Get free new post updates here

A $6000 full page advert in a magazine with a readership of 200,000 people might feel like a bargain. All those eyeballs connected to all those credit cards just waiting to discover you.
Now all the advert must do is convince people to pick up the phone.

Buying ads feels safe, but handing over advertising dollars and waiting to be picked is only guaranteed to buy you hope. The promise of new customers is a maybe.

What if the shortcut (the billboard or magazine advert) is not the easy way out at all?

How much goodwill could you create with just 10% of your advertising budget amongst the customers you already have?

There are a thousand different ways to get noticed, and most are a gamble. The easiest way to convince people is to do it one person at a time with truth and connection and love.

Image by scion cho.

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