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7 Steps To Becoming A More Strategic Marketer

filed in Brand Strategy, Marketing

As marketers we spend much of our time and energy on tactics. We agonise over the creation of lead magnets, spend countless hours honing sales pages and perfecting social media promotions.

How To Become A More Strategic Marketer

1. Take a long-term view of your business, one that doesn’t require you to go for quick wins.

2. Find a group of people you care about serving.

3. Listen to what they say and watch what they do.

4. Create a product or service you believe in, one that solves problems and satisfies wants and needs.

5. Trust the people you made it for.

6. Stop selling to and start connecting with people, talk about why you made what you made.

7. Rinse and repeat.

There’s nothing more magnetic to your potential customers than the feeling of being seen and understood. That’s the number one job of your marketing.

Image by Don Harder.

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