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Get the Free 20 questions to Ask Before Launching Your Idea workbook when you sign up for occasional updates.

Stop Waiting For Google

You’ve probably heard marketing gurus talking about ‘warm traffic’ and ‘cold traffic’. They’ll tell you that you need plenty of ‘cold traffic’, in order to improve your chances of staying in business. They will argue the case for buying traffic so that you can sell more of your ‘standard vanilla whatevers’.

Is that really how you want to build your business? Obsessing over this is stopping you growing your business in a way that’s right for you.

Are you waiting for Google to pick you? Or paying them to pick you perhaps? More than 2 million Google searches are performed every minute and yes, over time you might make a tiny dent in the backlink universe. Then what?

Will you be engaging the kind of clients you want to work with? The kind of clients you would kill for don’t judge you by the amount of backlink muscle you flex. They don’t find you this way either.

Google can’t optimise the best of you. It can’t optimise what makes you and your work unique. And most important of all, Google can’t really optimise for what the non-average, exceptional, client wants to invest in.

Google can’t optimise your purpose, your heart or your soul, your art or judgement, your professionalism and enthusiasm

Google is terrible at defining your talent and your edge, your clarity of vision or communication skills.

Google SEO will rarely demonstrate your work ethic and dedication, your inspiration or your ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Google can’t tell clients who will be the icing on their cake, or the best in their world. Only you can do that.

It might be an idea to stop competing for average and just concentrate on being great

I just sent out a beautiful workbook to my newsletter subscribers today, because I appreciate them being here. I’m building my business by creating value for others, shining a light on what they do and making lasting connections with my audience.

Are you still waiting for Google?

Image by Kachina Daze.