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The Story Is Your Advantage

filed in Brand Story, Brand Strategy

“Whoever tells the best story wins.”
—Annette Simons

This is the whole truth, and it scares all kinds of people, from creators to scientists, fledgling entrepreneurs to established brands. The best man doesn’t always win. It’s not enough to be bigger or better, and that frightens us because our understanding of the world comes from what we were taught at school.

The best students get the best scores, get places at the best universities, get the best jobs, have the best life.

That’s a myth. Every day people who are ‘good enough’ succeed because they tell a better story.

It seems easier to sell features and benefits.

The facts.

Things we can easily explain.

A concrete advantage.

But anyone can make and sell a better widget for cheaper than you can tomorrow. There’s another genius across town writing equally elegant code. Your job then is to build the great thing, but to care enough to tell the best story you can tell about it too.

People don’t buy your widget, your app, your code, your smart phone, your music player, your homemade cupcakes, your fresh flowers, your candles, your music, your computers, your front row seats, your hand poured candles, your organic soap, your graphic design, your printing, your coaching or even your 7-inch tablet.

They buy how it makes them feel.

The story is your advantage.

Image by Robin Robokow.

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