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Re-imagining Your Business Growth Mindset

filed in Brand Strategy, Marketing

How is your business going to grow?

When we think about marketing we are usually thinking about tactics we can use to attract new customers. Our stories are often designed to make people who don’t notice or care to buy or switch. The other way to scale is to retain a customer—to gain both his loyalty and repeat business. This kind of customer becomes an advocate, often referring new customers.

What would the world look like if you spent all of your time, effort and money on delighting the customers you have? Now instead of trying to make your products and services meaningful to more people, you can make things that are meaningful to the people who matter. This way you spend your time doing work that’s worthy of your customer’s time, attention, money, loyalty and love.

7 Questions To Power Your Customer Retention Strategy

1. Who do we matter to?
2. What matters to him?
3. Why does he buy from us?
4. What makes him come back?
5. How does he want to feel?
6. What story could he tell someone to recommend us?
7. How can we improve on that story?

What we don’t know about the people we already know could be more valuable than we think.

Image by Al Hikes AZ.

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