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Marketing Is An Art

filed in Brand Strategy, Marketing

When you walk into the Bedford Cheese Shop in New York, you’re not seeing cheese sold by the pound, you’re witnessing art being made. A business owner who goes to the trouble of writing these kinds of descriptions on his product is not just a marketer, he’s an artist, practicing with intention, and generosity and most likely out of love.

Every day business leaders ask the people who ‘do’ their marketing to create campaigns that will make people love their brand. The question on everyone’s lips is, “how do we get people to care about us?” The answer is that you don’t sell them, you care about them first.
Your products and services should feel like a gift.

You can market all you want, but in the end it’s your intention, not your marketing that shines through. The truth is that people will know and that’s not a drawback, it’s an opportunity.

Image by A.J. Kandy.

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