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Make Your Idea Matter

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Make Your Idea Matter is finally available to buy on Amazon. Thanks to the people who bought the book yesterday it bagged a Top 3 spot on the Amazon Bestsellers list overnight!

It’s taken most of our Australian winter (or your summer), to simply get the book edited, formatted, designed and ready for publication. We’ve even completely redesigned the cover in the last three weeks. I love what Reese has done with it!

On Monday I published a post about the the subtle difference between thinking about how people feel, versus making people do. If I wanted to market this book with tactics I’d be offering you a carrot so that you’d go out and buy it. Since I’m not big on writing ‘squeeze pages’ with yellow highlighter, and I’m all about story I’ve been thinking a lot more about how you feel, than I have about making you do.

The path to success is littered with great ideas, poorly marketed, don’t let yours be one of them.


I hope that you’ll buy Make Your Idea Matter and begin using it today, to help you take your ideas out there into the world and make them fly. I hope you’ll use it to help your business stand out with a better story. I hope you’ll share it with ideas people, entrepreneurs and business owners that you care about who you know could use it too. I also hope you’ll tell us how it’s helped you in the reviews section on Amazon.com.

Lastly, without readers there would be no writers.

Thanks for making me care enough to show up every day.

Image by Sian Richardson.

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