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Is Getting More Blog Traffic Really Your Goal?

filed in Brand Strategy, Marketing

As traditional marketing (read advertising) becomes less and less effective businesses are turning to content marketing. The metric of many content marketers, as it was of advertisers is still more. How can I get more traffic to my blog? How can we turn our unique visitors into pageviews?
How can we get more Facebook likes, tweets and pins? But more doesn’t tell the whole story.
More doesn’t tell how your post changed someone.
More isn’t always how you create the most difference.
More is not the shortcut to mattering.

Viewing your blog or business purely through a data lens is like assessing the development of a child by simply looking at a growth chart.

What would happen if we stopped obsessing about how to make our content king and made people king instead? I think the message on the little guy’s t-shirt in the photo says it all.

Image by Jennifer Lamb.

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