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What The Best Marketers Know

filed in Marketing

The call centre operator insists ‘this is not a cold call’. She knows time is running out, so she desperately accelerates her sales pitch—speaking without pausing to either breathe or listen. She was trained to believe it’s possible to close the sale if she can just impart all the information in her script. Sadly, she’s been misled.

The best marketers know permission is a requirement, not an option.
That people rarely make decisions based on the facts
And stories create value.

The best marketers know patience trumps pressure and trust takes time.
That generosity and empathy are underrated.
And there is no shortcut to mattering.

The best marketers know every day starts with a choice.
That we can choose to be the best or take the shortcut.
Which will you choose today?

Image by World Bank

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