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Get the Free 20 questions to Ask Before Launching Your Idea workbook when you sign up for updates.

30 Questions Every Startup And Entrepreneur Should Answer

We’ve become really good at looking for answers. So good in fact, that we get close to asking
a billion questions every day in Google search.

And yet as busy business owners and idea creators, we struggle to find time to ask really important questions of ourselves. Here then, are questions worth taking the time to answer.

30 Questions for every startup and entrepreneur

1. Why are we doing this?

2. Why are we the people to do it?

3. Why is now the time to start?

4. What will happen because this idea exists?

5. How will this change how people feel about x?

6. Who is it for?

7. Why will they care?

8. What do the people we hope to serve want?

9. What do they believe?

10.How do they feel about the problem we solve?

11.What do they do—where, when, why and with whom?

12.What will customers say to their friends to recommend this product or service?

13.How can we make customers feel good because they recommend it?

14.What are we really selling beyond the utility of the product or service?

15.How can we add more value?

16.What happens because our business or project exists?

17.How will people find us?

18.Where are they already looking, or not looking?

19.What’s our greatest strength?

20.What weakness might get in the way if we don’t address it?

21.What does success look like, today, this year, next and five years from now?

22.What do we value?

23.What do we want to change?

24.What promises do we want to make and keep?

25.What matters most right now?

26.What’s going to matter more three, six or eighteen months from now?

27.What’s our difference?

28.What do we need to do today, to make sure that we can keep doing the things we want to do tomorrow?

29.If we could do anything today would this be it?

30.If not this then what?

When you know what you want, where you’re headed and why almost nothing can stop you.

Image by Darkwood67.

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