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People buy your product or share your idea because…..

1. It makes them feel…better, smarter, more beautiful, healthier, safe, loved and on and on.
Online courses, Jimmy Choo shoes, perfume, gym membership, life insurance, organic fruit.

2. They are looking for a shortcut. Information, more time, easy payments or something else.
Paypal, lawn mowing, TripAdvisor.

3. They want to feel more connected to the group, to belong.
Instagram, live events, Startup weekend, book clubs.

4. It works.
Think Dropbox, WordPress, Amazon, FedEx.

5. It makes their life easier.
Fruit smoothies, online groceries, Thermomix.

6. It gives them a story to tell.
A Tiffany & Co bracelet, dinner at Jamie’s Italian restaurant, Christian Louboutin red soled shoes.

7. They need a solution to a problem.
Online dating, personal training, gluten free bread.

8. It helps them to get from where they are to where they want.
Gym membership, consulting services, design.

9. They like what you stand for.
Wholefoods stores, Method clean products, Patagonia outdoor wear.

10. Their friends are doing it too.
Facebook, dinner at a new restaurant, drinking Jägerbombs.

How many of these boxes are you ticking for your customers?

Image by Zurich Tourismus.

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