“If Bernadette Jiwa’s talk didn’t
move you, you are soulless.”

Phil Buckley
Marketing Director & Attendee at Authority 2015

Story is a powerful catalyst for change, if we can get better at telling stories we're proud of we can create the future we want to see. Bernadette Jiwa has been helping businesses to do that for over ten years. Bernadette is a recognised global authority on the role of story in business development and marketing. Named by Smart Company as one of Australia’s Top Business Thinkers in 2018, she is the author of seven best-selling books on marketing and brand storytelling. Bernadette advises, consults and speaks with entrepreneurs and business leaders, from startups to Fortune 500 companies who want to tell better stories. Her work takes her from Melbourne to New York (and everywhere in between).

Many speakers in the field of business, marketing and branding teach audiences tools and tactics. Bernadette goes deeper, inspiring audiences to create a sustainable advantage for their business by unlocking the value in their company’s story so they can get closer to their customers. She invites them to stop competing and being fearfully reactive to the marketplace and shows them how to differentiate and succeed by being more of who they are.

We spent $600 billion globally on advertising in 2017. Every year we’re spending more money, to interrupt more people, more often, with messages, they don’t care about and don’t pay attention to. We’ve come to believe that the way to succeed is to have an advantage—by being different or better, more visible, or just plain louder.

What if instead of finding ways to be one step ahead of your competition you could give people reasons to choose you?

Historically organisations focused on dominance. Unassailable growth was thought to be the shortcut to becoming an unbeatable Goliath in the marketplace. That's changing.
Today we don’t matter by winning, we win by mattering.
Let Bernadette educate and inspire your audience to create the future they want to see.

If you want a speaker who truly engages and connects with your audience, Bernadette is the one. Totally inspirational and on point!”


Audiences Include

Business Leaders

Startup Communities
Creative Communities

Small Business Owners

Topics Include

How To Tell The Right Brand Story

The Secret To Spreading Ideas

How To Build A Story-Driven Brand

How Everyday Insights Become Breakthrough Ideas

Topics Include

Story Discovery

Building A
Story-Driven Brand

How To Tell The Right Brand Story

Own Your Story

From Everyday Insights To Breakthrough Ideas

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