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Bernadette helps audiences to develop their story skills, tell better stories and create the future they want to see.


The teachings and tools that have helped thousands of people and organisations to grow by telling the right story.

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On Influence

Many of us go through life feeling powerless to change things. After all, not everyone has leadership status or power conferred upon them. We sometimes believe that influence is a…

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Raising The Bar

When I was a teenager, I joined the local athletic club. I’d never been much of a runner, but since I went to an all-girls school, the draw of the…

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That Certain Something

A new local grocery store around the corner from us finally opened its doors last weekend. For weeks we’ve been pressing our noses to the window as the new tenants…

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Expect The Good

There is no way of knowing if the organic vegetables I bought today were grown without pesticides. But I trust that they were. When I order gluten-free bread for a…

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The Case For Storytelling

Every day during the current global pandemic we’ve watched the numbers go up. We’ve listened to our leaders tell us about the number of active cases. We’ve seen unemployment figures…

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When Things Catch On

When things catch on, we often assume that their success happened en masse and out of the blue. One day an idea is invisible to us, the next it’s everywhere….

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