You don’t need to compete
when you know who you are.


People don’t buy what you do, they buy how you make them feel and the story you give them to tell.


the Right Company is a community of small business owners getting support to build their right company.


Bernadette inspires business audiences to tell better stories, that move people to act, so that they can create an impact.


The course and guide that have helped hundreds of businesses to grow by understanding the story to tell.

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When Marketing Works

Marketing works best when it’s in service of the customer.

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The Bounds Of Possibility

Now that we are no longer bound by the constraints of probability, we must face the fact that we have a responsibility to own what’s possible. Opportunity abounds.

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What’s Your Customer Acquisition Strategy?

Successful selling is as much about customer discernment as it is about brand differentiation.

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Reaching Resonance

The impact you make will depend on your ideas resonating with the right people—not just reaching the most people.

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The Power Of Describing The Problem

t’s tempting to jump ahead to creating solutions before describing the root of the problem. But we can’t we begin to have honest conversations about how to solve problems before...

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The Role Of Rules

Doing what’s accepted or expected isn’t necessarily the right thing to do. It’s worth checking if the rules we hold dear, and fast to are helping the people we serve.

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