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Brand Story Strategy

What Is A Brand Story?

A brand story is more than a narrative. It’s what your customers believe about you based on the signals your brand sends. From the colours and textures of your packaging to the staff you hire, every choice you make is part of your story. Your brand story is an asset that creates brand equity over time, that equity is built with a consistent story across product, sales and service.

The Value Of A Strong Strategic Narrative

Businesses and organisations built around a strategic narrative are grounded and guided by their purpose, vision, and values. Successful story-driven brands are bravely responsive to their customers, not fearfully reactive to the marketplace. They create value for customers by prioritising the opportunities, plans and behaviours that align with their values and their customer’s unmet needs. They tell better stories because they know who they are and who they want to be to whom.

What’s The Story That Sets You Apart?

I work with brands at every stage of their development, from startups pitching to investors and shaping their culture, to established brands realigning their positioning or launching new products. Through consultation with you, I explore your brand’s purpose and vision, identify the attitudes and beliefs that influence your customers and shape your culture. Together, we evaluate your value proposition and emotional selling points and create a plan that enables you to articulate the story that sets you apart.

I’d love to help you develop your:

  •      Strategic Narrative
  •      Winning Marketing Strategy
  •      Story-Driven Culture


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