Brand Story Strategy Questions

Brand Story Strategy Questionnaire

It's a privilege to be working with you. Please fill in this form as fully and honestly as possible. Your answers are for my eyes only. Let's get started.

  • Your best contact email.
  • If you have a web presence please add your website address here.
  • If you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube profiles please add the links to them here.
  • How did you get started?
  • Let's talk about the purpose of your business beyond making money.
  • Make a list of your beliefs—the things you aren't prepared to compromise on.
  • Tell me everything you can about your existing or ideal customer.
  • Tell me what your customer wants. What's her pain point or unmet need and how does your product or service help?
  • What story are you giving them to tell?
  • What is your customer buying beyond the utility of the products and services you offer? For example florists might think they are in the flower business, but they are actually in the business of delivering joy.
  • Think about the results you promise and the number one reason people buy from you.
  • Think about how you differentiate yourself from your competitors with design, copy, business model, brand values etc.
  • And how would you like them to feel?
  • Think of words like aspirational and ubiquitous, cheap, affordable, value for money, a luxury.
  • Will your business be local, national or global; online or offline? If you have a physical product what is your distribution model?
  • Tell me all you can about them. What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What effect will your business have on her attitude, behaviour and actions in the future?
  • Think about her hopes and dreams and the life she wants to lead.
  • Think about how your business aligns with and impacts her hopes and dreams and the life she wants to lead.
  • Think big!
  • Project a year, then five years ahead and paint a picture of your future.
  • If we could only achieve one important thing as a result of our work together—a single important outcome that would change everything, what would that one thing be?