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“If you want a speaker who truly engages and connects with your audience, Bernadette is the one.
Totally inspirational and on point!”
—Joe Pulizzi
Founder of The Content Marketing Institute

As a global expert on the role of story in business, innovation and marketing, Bernadette helps companies to succeed by building story-driven brands. She was writing, speaking and consulting about the importance of brand storytelling and creating meaningful value for customers as drivers of business growth and alternatives to traditional marketing long before ‘story’ became the new black of the commercial world. Bernadette is the author of five #1 Amazon Bestsellers on the subject. She was voted Australia’s Best Business Blogger in 2012, and Smart Company named her blog as one of the Top 20 Business Blogs in Australia in 2013 and 2014. Her blog topped that list in 2016.

We spent $500 billion globally on advertising in 2013. Every year we’re spending more money, to interrupt more people, more often, with messages, they don’t care about and don’t pay attention to. We’ve come to believe that the way to succeed is to have an advantage—by being different or better, more visible, or just plain louder.

What if, instead of finding ways to be one step ahead of your competition, you could build and market your business to give people a reason to choose you? What if you could learn to recognise opportunities to reinvent a category or experience?

Fifty years ago organisations focused on dominance. More was the shortcut to becoming an unbeatable Goliath in the marketplace. Today the shortcut to more is to matter—not to be different but to do something that creates meaningful value for customers.

There are many speakers in the field of business, innovation and marketing who can teach an audience about tools and tactics. Bernadette goes deeper, inviting and inspiring audiences to reinvent their businesses and rethink their marketing by getting closer to their customers and understanding the unique value in their company’s story. She shows them how to recognise opportunities that others miss to create meaningful value.

“If Bernadette Jiwa’s talk didn’t move you….you are soulless.”
—Phil Buckley
Marketing Director & Attendee at Authority 2015

Bernadette has spoken to audiences from Sydney to San Francisco, at events from TEDx to Content Marketing World and for organisations from LinkedIn to EA.

Her Audiences Include

Marketing Professionals.
Business Leaders.
Creative Professionals.
Small Business Owners.

Topics Include

Creating A Story-Driven Brand.
The Story Of Ideas That Fly.
How Story Ignites Innovation.
The Secret To Spreading Ideas.
How To Create Meaningful Value.
From Everyday Insights To Breakthrough Ideas.

Book Bernadette To Speak

Bernadette is frequently booked several months in advance, especially for international events. You can get in touch to invite her to speak at your event.

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