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A Question Of Priorities

filed in Brand Strategy

A priority is defined as something worthy of special attention. We get better at prioritising the things that are most important when we stop to question if our actions align with this definition. Consider the things that unintentionally become a priority in your day, that then go on to form and affect your actions, strategy and results.

What if instead of diving straight into doing the busy work—attending that meeting and responding to those emails we questioned why it was worthy of our special attention in the moment?

Try this. Take a blank sheet of paper and make a note of the thing that’s most important to your business right now. It might be creating new services, staff training, or customer acquisition. Now make a list of the things that are worthy of your special attention to make this a priority. Does what’s on this list align with what’s on today’s to-do list or scheduled in your calendar for this week?

Our stories are shaped by what we choose to do. The magic happens when we are honest about aligning our actions with our priorities.

Image by Marjan Lazarevski.

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