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Welcome To The Meaning Economy

filed in Brand Strategy

In the 1950s and 60s when my parents were entering the workforce they created value by working with their hands in an Industrial Economy. Workers manufactured and moved things that would be consumed. In the era of the Information Economy, we began using our heads to produce value. We learned to use computers to design, code and connect. Today we’re seeing a powerful shift towards the building of the Meaning Economy where the brands and businesses that thrive are the ones that enable us to work with our hearts as well as our head and hands.

Unlike my parents who worked to put food on the table, we now want to feel proud of the work we do and the companies where we work. It’s no longer enough to make money without meaning.

The Meaning Economy has also created a new kind of customer who is drawn to brands that share and enable him to express his values. We know how we spend our money and what we choose to get behind is a vote for the future we want to see. We support businesses that are generous and mindful of the impact they make.

We’re formulating a new value equation—one that rewards work that is carried out with heart and businesses that are driven by purpose before profits. Are you ready for The Meaning Economy?

Image by Jinnstagram

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