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What Makes A Good Tagline?

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As entrepreneurs and brand builders we like to think that our tagline could be the thing that positions our brand uppermost in the minds of clients and customers.

We want something original and unique, a brilliant one liner that will make us unforgettable. I am asked what makes a great tagline a lot.

I could write a list and tell you that it needs to:

    • Be memorable.
    • Resonate with your idea and your mission.
    • Include a key benefit of your brand.
    • Appeal to the senses not to logic.
    • Help to recall the brand name. “Coke is it.”
    • Differentiate your brand.
    • Communicate positive feelings about your brand. “Love where you live.”
    • Convey the brand strategy.
    • Avoid current trends. Like the one word tagline which anyone could ‘own’.
    • Avoid corporate speak and jargon. Anything that sounds like a bank tagline.

I’d like to re-frame the question though by asking what does your tagline do?

Does it fill the white space on your business card and website header? Or does it communicate your intention to staff and customers? My friend Angela runs ‘Australia’s best cafe’.

Does your tagline stand for something customers can believe? Zappos’ really is, ‘powered by service’.

Does it tell and old story in a new way, ‘3 socks, 2 feet, 1 you’?

Is it easy to spread because it’s true, Moleskine, sells, ‘legendary notebooks’.

Does your tagline create meaning? Is this something your customers, clients or donors care about?

Are you making a promise you can keep, because that’s what really matters?

Image by Jamison Weiser.

10 Things To Think About Before Naming A Brand

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I once watched a whole community of highly intelligent, creative entrepreneurs allow an idea to become undone, never to see the light of day. And all because they couldn’t agree on what it should be called.

I know your idea is ground breaking, it’s fresh and exciting and people are going to love it, once they know what it’s all about of course.

The thing is naming your idea is just a part of what will bring it to life. It’s an important piece of the puzzle that helps people to understand who you are, what you stand for and what you do.

“Brand names aren’t brands, not by a long shot.
But they are valuable clues to consumers,
as well as assets you own.”
~ Seth Godin

To communicate the value of something you’ve created you must first understand where the value in it lies. Here are some of the things you need to consider before you get to the fun of the naming part.

1. Mission
What are you doing right now, today? What happens because you exist?

2. Vision
What are or will be the results and effects of what you do in the future?

3. Core Values
What are the attitudes and beliefs that shape your business culture?

4. Difference.
What’s your edge, the thing that makes you stand out?

5. Emotional Selling Point
What’s the intangible that you are you selling? Think feelings not facts. Connection, freedom, ego, belonging….

6. Brand Essence
The core of what you do, the image it portrays and the signals it sends.

7. Tagline
One line that communicates everything.

8. Identity
How the consumer perceives the brand.

9. Name
The verbal hook on which all of the above hangs and is communicated, the icing on your cake. Comes in all the way down here at number nine!

10. Logo
Last but not least the visual hook that represents your brand, the cherry on the top.

How are you working out the value of your ideas?

Thanks to my friend Brendan Mitchell for helping me work this out many moons ago.
Image by Andrew Barclay.

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